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Sculptra is an injectable bio-stimulator containing PLLA (Poly-L lactic acid) which occurs naturally in the body and encourages collagen production. Sculptra can restore volume loss caused by aging and weight loss and improve firmness and skin quality.

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Is Sculptra the Same as Dermal Fillers?

Sculptra and dermal fillers differ in many ways. Sculptra is considered a biostimulator that causes the body’s own collagen to build over time, as opposed to HA fillers that show an immediate result.

How Long Does Sculptra Last?

Unlike HA dermal fillers, Sculptra is encouraging the body to produce collagen naturally, creating gradual, culminative results that generally present about 3 months after final treatment. The results of Sculptra treatments can last up to 2 years or more.  

Who is a good candidate?

Sculptra is a great option for patients who are lean or have experienced significant weight loss, those who take part in intensive exercise and patients experiencing skin laxity in the lower face. 

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