The 360° Preventative Health Assessment is a novel kind of whole person “annual health check that aims to give patients the information they need to live as healthy a life as possible and avoid chronic disease. Chronic disease – like hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, fatty liver, venous disease, osteoarthritis, reflux – is one of the most significant burdens on our health care system and affects people’s lives in many negative ways.

Sadly, our current health care system is simply meant to detect and respond to disease after it has happened. We believe prevention is better for patients, for providers and for our whole population.

The Durand 360° Preventative Health Assessment is meant to take what we know from Western medicine, and connect it to knowledge from other medical traditions like integrative medicine, functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic medicine and osteopathy – to identify major health risks and opportunities.

The Durand 360° Preventative Health Assessment uses technology not used in most doctor’s offices but also connects doctors of different traditions to help make sense of the data.

There is no Assessment like this one available to our knowledge in Canada.

Unlike other corporate wellness firms, we don’t believe in a marathon of tests crammed in to a single day. We prefer an iterative approach to the patient consult and diagnostics rather than blindly ordering tests that are not custom to the patient. We prefer to take the time to convene as a confidential health care team and review our patient’s health goals and values to craft an annual plan that we take the time to explain. The plan evolves over time with achievable goals and the supports needed for success.

Corporate wellness and executive health services are not new. Private care makes up at least 30% of health expenses in Canada. Companies have been providing such services in Ontario for over 30 years. Insurance companies, worker’s compensation (WSIB) and other corporations have facilitated corporate billings for decades in many cases through Ontario hospitals and clinics.

The 360° Preventative Health Assessment features technology and services that are not insured under OHIP. There is a fee for these uninsured services, similar to why there is a fee for dental and vision care, and medications for most people as permitted under the Canada Health Act. Where a service is covered under OHIP, such services will be billed through that system.

Anyone aged 18 or over can consider a 360° Preventative Health Assessment. We tailor our approach to your age and stage in life, and your personal health information.

Canada’s health care system has services and testing that are and are not covered by provincial insurance plans. In this sense, a large part of Canada’s health care system is “private” because patients have to pay out of pocket for some services and assessments.

We do not bill the patient for services that are insured by public benefits. Some of our tests are covered under public insurance but not for everyone. It depends on their health and personal situation.

With our work, we navigate public insurance, extended insurance (I.e. coverage from employer insurance) and out of pocket expenses.

The information gathered is personal health information. This is part of your medical record and it is stored on our secure, HIPPAA compliant electronic health record. At the end of your 360° Preventative Health Assessment, you are given a comprehensive report. This is for your own records and should remain private and confidential.

Yes, we encourage this. We will send the results to your own doctor if you desire and consent. If not, the records will be kept with us and you.

We desire to collaborate with your existing care team to support your and their efforts to keep you well.

We know how stressed the current system is, especially primary and emergency care. We aim to support you and your doctors in gathering data that can alleviate this pressure, now and in the decades to come.

If we discover something that requires monitoring or follow up, we will review options for this. If we order a test or referral, we follow up on it as per normal expectations of care in Ontario. If we discover a new diagnosis that requires action, we will refer to the appropriate specialties and this process is usually insured under OHIP. You may choose to follow along with us in our Extended Care program or take the monitoring back to your own doctor, if you have one. You may also choose to keep your doctor and also follow along in our Extended Care program. We will navigate this on a case-by-case basis.

Our 360° Preventative Health Assessment is designed to identify opportunities and pathways to improved health and wellness. After the Assessment, we may recommend:

  • Participation in our Durand Health multidisciplinary specialty programs, including Lifelong Personalized Weight Loss, Burnout Prevention, Menopause or a Custom Program.
  • Participation in our Extended Care Program.
  • Ongoing care by one of our providers, including RMT, Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic Medicine, Physiotherapy, Art Therapy, Psychotherapy, Sleep Restorist, Reiki and Reflexology, Personal Training and more.