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Executive Health Assessment Like No Other...

Invest in your health with a Durand Health Annual Assessment and optional year-round Executive Health.

Durand Health’s Annual Health Assessment offers up to $1800 greater value than GTA-based Exec Health Assessments. In addition to avoiding the nightmare of traffic, you will be cared for in a spa-like setting with your own personal suite while between tests, your choice of excellent locally prepared meal options, state-of-the-art testing equipment and a team of health professionals who want to create your personalized health journey plan and take the time to review all of your results and goals.

We aid companies in building and maintaining a dynamic team, emphasizing employee wellness and reducing turnover.

Why Choose Durand Health?

We champion preventive care, unlike conventional reactive treatments.

The cost of an Annual Health Assessment and year-round Executive Health Membership (which can be paid monthly and tax-deductible) is usually a fraction of the cost to the business of turnover due to illness, disability or resignation to join the growing number of firms that do offer an Executive or Employee Health program.

Durand Executive Health is a better value and builds a foundation for a life-long Health Jounrey® together with your employees. Durand Health offers a market-leading Annual Health assessment with diagnostics not included in the GTA-based Annual Health assessments.

  • Genetic-based food response testing.
  • In-Home Sleep Study.
  • EKG Stress Test
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Attract and Retain a Healthy and Productive Team

  • 64% of Managers and 75% of the C-suite are seriously considering quitting for a job/employer that would better support their well-being.
  • 84% say improving their well-being is a top priority now – 74% say it is more important than advancing their career.
  • 56% of HR Leaders say they will invest in Primary Care this year.
  • 55% of employees feel overwhelmed when navigating the health care system.
  • Today, over 40%+ of health care costs (Dental, Eye Care, Pharma, etc.) are already covered by companies through their benefit programs and Health Spending Accounts.

Feature Comparison

Our Executive Health Assessments are custom built for you after your consultation with one of our medical directors and are custom built for your specific needs and goals. Based on your goals and stage of life, we will recommend an approach that is right for you.  We work with a health-care focused financing partner to ensure our assessments are accessible on a regular basis. 

Experience Durand's Health Advantage

We Curate the Latest and Greatest

We hear about new diagnostics and tests every day…it can be confusing, and your GP may not have time to analyze and spend time to suggest what makes sense based on your family history and your Health Journey Plan. Let us help curate the latest advances in medical testing, treatments, and devices with input from a team of leading Medical Specialists.


State of the Art Facility and Testing

When you enter our facility, your blood pressure falls as our team greets you in a spa-like setting. On your assessment day, you are guided through a personalized set of tests and assessments on leading-edge equipment not usually found in a doctor’s office. You spend quality time with the physicians, nurse practitioners, paramedical team members and more. You are not left in a crowded downtown waiting room, but enjoy your private suite for the day, and we serve your choice of freshly prepared meals. We eliminate the high-stress testing marathon and replace it with an insightful, pleasant few hours with people who want to work with you long-term on your health, with prevention at the forefront.


We Create a Personal Health Journey Plan

We create a detailed health journey report that allows you to track your progress year over year and what will keep you at your healthiest. Our physicians spend the time needed to review your results and plan and progress year after year.


Not Just for Executives

We offer annual health assessments for every level of staff and every corporate budget that can be integrated into the company benefits program or health spending accounts.


Driving to the GTA is NOT Doctor-Recommended

Thousands of Canadian employers that do offer health assessments send their staff to downtown Toronto/GTA testing centres, where Legacy Executive health providers process hundreds of assessments a day.

Executive Health Assessment

After your Executive Health Assessment is booked, your will join us for one full day for intake, assessment, analysis and reporting.

After you sign up for your Executive Health Assessment, our team will contact you by phone to welcome you, clarify next steps and set up your intake.

We use a custom intake process to capture your whole health picture.

We are happy to collaborate with your existing physicians.

You will visit our luxurious 136 Young Street location for your in person assessment.

Assessments are led by our Medical Director and seamlessly involve multiple team members.

You will be offered beverages and a nutritious meal on site in your private assessment room. You will be introduced to our team and facilities.

Together, you and your team will select appropriate and indicated testing based on your assessment.

During this phase, we will gather more information about your health with off-site testing at our partner sites.

Our team will facilitate logistics for you to fit your schedule.

The information gathered during this phase will be monitored and integrated by our Medical Director, in collaboration with the integrated team, into your Executive Health Assessment Report and plan.

The final stage of the Executive Health Assessment is a reporting and planning session led by our Medical Director. You will be coached through the process so that you retain as much as possible.

Your whole health picture will be reviewed with you. Risks and opportunities will be discussed. You will receive a written 360° Report. Results will not be shared with sponsors.

Follow up can be with us, your own physician(s) or partner specialists.

Add On System Checks

You can add additional focused testing to your Assessment to identify risks and opportunities unique to you.

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