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Optimize your support for your teams and peers.

Health at Work

The health and prosperity of your organization relies on the health of those in it. Your health, and the health of the people in your organization has never been so critically challenged. 

Our in-house Occupational Health Team has extensive experience in corporate wellness, return to work, workplace accommodation and staff retention. 

You can retain our support for ongoing collaboration or one-off challenges. 

We work with existing funding mechanisms and employee benefit plans to support your staff as deeply as possible. 

We can help you navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic’s implications for workplaces and prepare you for the next global threat at work.

Missed work or underperformance at work due to health issues costs Canadian companies billions of dollars each year.


  • Your employees are people first, and are juggling caregiving, work and self-care.
  • Your employees believe decreasing burnout should be a top priority for employers, suggesting your employees know burnout is a significant threat that demands your attention.
  • Accessing the health care system is complex, resulting in absenteeism and presenteeism, as they navigate the system during business hours.
  • Employment benefits are under utilized and require simplified access.
  • Fractured or superficial corporate wellness efforts are costly and unhelpful.
  • Employees want to be on healthy teams, and will forgo other perks in exchange for quality of life.
  • Resilience and true productivity require rest and organized downtime.
  • Long-term absences due to disability threaten your organization’s objectives and create significant churn.

The Resilient Pathway Aligns With the 4 Pillars of Wellness: Mental and Physical Health, Food and Movement

  • Sponsor employees access to the 360° Preventative Health Assessment so they can identify risks and opportunities for health at the individual level.
  • Sponsor employee Durand Extended Care and specific program access to reduce the time spent accessing and navigating the health care system.
  • Develop a custom suite of corporate wellness experiences, including coaching, trainings and resources.
  • Conduct internal audits on employee wellness to identify opportunities for a healthy culture.
  • Host meetings and retreats in nature, at our Carlisle, ON orchard paradise.
  • Create a system for concierge treatments onsite at work.
  • Retain Durand Corporate Medical Advisory Services and/or Occupational Health for ongoing support.

“Durand Health’s Corporate Medical Advisory Services can help get and keep your organization as healthy as possible. We are faced with unprecedented business challenges and maintaining healthy, safe teams is critical to the bottom line of any organization.”



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