How is Your Relationship During COVID-19?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has put stress on everyone’s mental health, and has also put immense strain on our relationships at home. Many of us are spending more time with our partners than ever before. If you’re feeling the stress on your relationship maybe you’ve considered therapy or counselling.

Not all marriage counselling is created equally. If you’re having challenges in your relationship you may be thinking about couples therapy. The approach I use at Durand Integrated Health Group is called ‘The Gottman Method Approach’. Based on Dr. John Gottman’s work, this approach draws upon four decades of research while working with over 3000 couples to determine marriage stability vs. divorce predictability. Based on the Sound Relationship House Theory, The Gottman Method addresses many aspects of a healthy relationship including managing conflict and creating shared meaning; a personalized experience for each couple. The Gottman Method can work for all types of couples regardless of sexual orientation, socio-economic status and cultural backgrounds.

The Gottman Method aims to improve verbal communication, increase intimacy, increase respect, increase affection, remove barriers to conflict resolution and create more empathy and compassion within relationships.

The beginning of the process involves individual and conjoint therapy sessions, in addition to questionnaires that help you judge the status of your relationship. After the initial assessment, I will work with you and your partner to decide the frequency of your therapy sessions. After you have established the therapeutic framework, you will begin therapeutic interventions to help address the problem areas in your relationship. The therapeutic interventions work on improving three main aspects of your relationship: friendship, conflict management, and creating shared meaning.

My goal is to help you strengthen your relationship and provide you with improved communication and coping skills for the future. If you feel like your relationship has been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic or could use improvement in any of the areas mentioned above, I would be happy to help.

You can book with Monica Dosanjh, MSW, Registered Social Worker by calling 289-788-8363 or visiting our website here.

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