Platelet Rich Plasma treatments can be beneficial to people who have wrinkles, sun damage, or scars. PRP facials are not cosmetic procedures, but rather medical procedures. Our trained nurses will take a sample of your blood and utilize a centrifuge to extract both the protein-rich plasma and the platelets. The sample is then concentrated and called platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

When placing PRP back into the skin, cell proliferation is encouraged and leads to an increase in elastin and collagen production. The high levels of growth factors in the PRP help the body to heal. As a result, skin looks tighter, fuller, and smoother.

Interestingly, the PRP facial can be offered in two ways. In the first option, the plasma is spread on your face and then micro-needling is used to help the face absorb the proteins. The second option is having the plasma injected into the skin like a filler (also known as a Vampire Facial). The original skin problem is attacked twofold – beneath the skin and on top of it.

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Is Platelet Rich Plasma safe?

PRP is deemed safe for most people, but it is not recommended for: people with medical conditions such as HIV or AIDS, any type of blood cancer, skin cancer in the area to be treated, Hepatitis C, and/or cardiovascular disease/diseases that require blood thinners.

The team at Durand Health is happy to offer free virtual or in-person consults to determine if this treatment is a good option for you.

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