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360˚ Health Assessment

Greater Hamilton Area residents no longer need to travel to Toronto for preventative health care services for their corporate teams. Durand (latin: Strong & Enduring) Health is excited to offer a structured, effective and results-oriented health plan for you and your team to ensure your health today and tomorrow.

Well. Deserved. ™

We understand the need for a healthy workforce. We have worked with busy, overworked corporate employees who feel like they are losing control of themselves. We make taking back control of your health and well-being easy.

It’s simple; we curate medical assessments and program wellness initiatives that include physical, emotional and mental well-being. Health services, exercise, medical and specialist testing, corporate retreats in nature with an urban flair to add fun; we know that health is the greatest wealth. 

Our Vision: To support and inspire life-long health and well-being for individuals and their families, organizations and communities. 

Our Purpose: To enhance our client’s ability to live well, for life.

Our Philosophy: Balance in life. Eat well, move often and support one’s mental health in order to shape overall well-being.

Annual Health Assessment

Our physician-led Integrated Health Team will take the time to build a health plan for you and your team for the year and beyond.

We go beyond what a sole GP can provide and tailor the analysis to your age and stage in life with a goal to achieving and maintaining your health for the long term and heading off potential risks proactively. We then match you with an ongoing care model to help keep track and motivated to stay healthy. Included will be a plan around suggested lifestyle and medical follow-up and how you have progressed from your last 360˚.

Specialist Partners

Our affiliate network includes:

-St. Joseph’s Hospital

-Life Labs

-Abbott Laboratories

-Rocky Mountain Analytics

Aging in Place Management

Aging is a fact of life. Our homes provide us with a familiar environment that in turn creates stability. At Durand Health we want to be a part of every stage of our patient’s healthy aging process. Let us help you and your extended family age in place safely and securely.

In-House Massage Therapy & Yoga Services

Let us bring wellness to your door. 

At Durand Health we offer in-office massage therapy for employees to enjoy without having to leave the office. These plans can be offered bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly or annually. We take care of all of the details and offer DIRECT BILLING for your team.

Another incredibly valued health program we offer for in-office health is our lunchtime yoga and meditation classes. We curate these based on employee needs and our highly experienced instructors will deliver a safe and effective class to help teams manage stress, become more mindful and return to work feeling more motivated and focused.


Urban Retreats

Easy access, easy to have a relaxing getaway.

At Durand Health we have figured out the secret to the relaxation staycation!! Our facilities in downtown Hamilton with free parking and private access to our spa services and our modern, 5 star residences mean all you have to do is park your car for the weekend and forget about the rest!

Gather your girlfriends, your sisters, bridesmaids or just you and your bestie for an incredibly fun, unforgettable Durand Health Urban Retreat.

What we offer:

-Curated and personalized 2 and 3 night stays 

-Combine wellness and spa services

-Personal spa facilitator who helps you plan your perfect getaway and is available during your getaway for any and all questions

-Option for an afternoon trip to our very own nature retreat for a guided nature walk, creek-side meditation or yoga session

-Take your getaway to the next level with our Heightened Retreat Experience ™ where we co-ordinate a fabulous afternoon or evening dining experience with our local partners

Nature Retreats

Let nature do the healing.

You’ve learned about Durand Health’s clinic locations in downtown Hamilton but did you know that we also offer a secluded, serene nature retreat on the shores of the beautiful Bronte Creek? Be surrounded by gentle breezes, fresh air and if you are up for it, miniature goats!

Choose to partake in yoga by the waterside, meditation in a group setting in our state-of-the art finished century barn with panoramic views of the countryside.

Corporate Retreats

Let us customize ½-day or full-day retreats for your team. Offering either an urban setting within one of our downtown spaces or have your team escape to our rural farm with our large heated barn for focus group meetings, senior staff meetings or team-building.

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