Anti-aging injectables can reduce the appearance of lines on the face and neck and create a more youthful look.

Botox © – Botox © (Botulinum Toxin) is a neurotoxin that is used in medical cosmetology as an anti-aging tool to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face and neck. Common areas for treatment are frown lines, crow’s feet, lip lines, and lines on the forehead. Botox is also commonly used to treat underarm sweating and headaches.

Nuceiva & Xeomin ® – are bot safe and effective ways to reduce lines between the eyebrows and enhance your appearance. These neuromodulators are an alternative to Botox for use as an anti-aging injectable solution that prevents muscle contraction and therefore reduced wrinkles and fine lines. At Durand Health, our nurses work with you to choose the best type of injectable based on your desired results.

Dermal fillers are designed to improve the volume of the face and lips, creating the look of a fuller, healthier appearance.

Juvederm is a family of highly effective injectable dermal fillers designed to restore a more youthful appearance by restoring lost volume, smoothing out lines and wrinkles, and addressing additional signs of facial aging. It is made with synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance that also occurs naturally in the body and contributes to healthy, supple skin and the production of collagen.

Voluma is a particular variety of Juvederm that is specially formulated to treat volume loss in the cheek area of the face. Skin in the area of the cheeks can be very difficult to treat, as it is normally thicker than other areas of facial skin and this extra thickness requires a more robust filler than might be used to treat worry lines or moderate facial wrinkles. At Durand Health, our nurses work

Radiesse ® is an injectable cosmetic skin treatment used to fill specific areas of the face and hands. It is intended for wrinkles and folds around the mouth and nose, and areas of fat loss on the face. It can also be used on the back of hands where volume has been lost. Radiesse ® stimulates the body’s natural collagen, fills in wrinkles long-term, and helps the skin develop new collagen in the process creating beautiful results.

Revanesse is a line of acid (HA) dermal fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar that is naturally produced by the body and has the ability to hold 1000 x its weight in water. A large amount of naturally occurring HA is found within the skin. As we age, the amount of HA within the skin decreases, causing the skin to lose volume and develop fine lines and wrinkles. By injecting hyaluronic acid dermal fillers into the skin, you can restore volume loss for a more youthful appearance. Revanesse is made from the highest quality HA and designed to last 6-12 months.

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