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Your own unique physician-led 360° Preventative Health Evaluation covers body and mind and focuses on nutrition & fitness as key components. We begin with a physician-led examination to evaluate your health baseline and to establish your health goals. Through discussions with our physicians and specialists and further testing such as ultrasound, body composition analysis, blood analysis, and genetic testing, we design a plan for you on how to improve and stay healthy for the long term.

Our approach to supporting our patients means that we continue to provide access to care throughout the year with access to ongoing physician support, prescription services, diagnostic services, and referrals to specialist partners. With regular annual check-ups,  we will be able to evaluate how you have progressed from your last 360° Preventative Health Assessment.

Wellness Services: The direct link between our medical services and other wellness services sets us apart from most other clinics. We have in-house physiotherapists, chiropractors, registered massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, holistic nutritionists, weight loss specialists, and fitness specialists who are certified in yoga, pilates, fitness specialties and rehabilitative specialties. We pride ourselves in working together to provide patient-centered care that takes the guesswork out of your health. 


Managed Care: Our members can access Durand Health for occasional medical issues or choose to engage in a more personalized approach with dedicated, on-demand care from our medical team. If you prefer to work with your existing GP we are pleased to work in partnership with him or her and any other health care practitioners to ensure the best health outcomes for our members.

Corporate Medical Advisory Services

Durand Health’s Corporate Advisory Services can help get and keep your organization as healthy as possible. Please reach out here to set up a discovery meeting on how we can help your team.

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