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360° Preventative Health Assessment

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The 360° Preventative Health Assessment is a novel kind of whole person “annual check up” that aims to give patients the information they need to prevent chronic disease. 

Chronic disease – like hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, fatty liver, venous disease, osteoarthritis, reflux – is one of the most significant burdens on our health care system and affects people’s lives in many negative ways. 

Most cancer is related to chronic disease. In providing whole-person preventative care, we can reduce your overall lifetime risk of cancer and help you build resilience for the journey of cancer treatment.


Our current health care system is simply meant to detect and respond to disease after it has happened. We believe prevention is better for patients, for providers and for our whole population.


The Durand 360° Preventative Health Assessment is meant to take what we know from allopathic medicine and connect it to knowledge from other medical traditions – which are often more focused on prevention and lifestyle – to identify major health risks and opportunities.


The Assessment uses technology not used in most doctor’s offices but also connects doctors of different traditions and rare testing to help make sense of the data.

The Durand Way

We begin with a 360° Preventative Health Assessment and build your plan with you.

360° Preventative Health Assessment

Three Custom Options:




Extended Team Care




Extended Team Care


Our services can be booked individually without requiring a 360° Preventative Health Assessment.

360° Preventative Health Assessment

After your 360° Preventative Health Assessment is booked, your will join us for approximately two half days for intake, assessment, analysis and reporting.

After you sign up for your 360° Preventative Health Assessment, our team will contact you by phone to welcome you, clarify next steps and set up your intake.

We use a custom intake process to capture your whole health picture.

We are happy to collaborate with your existing physicians.

You will visit our luxurious 136 Young Street location for your in person assessment.

Assessments are led by our Medical Director and seamlessly involve multiple team members.

You will be offered beverages and a nutritious meal on site in your private assessment room. You will be introduced to our team and facilities.

Together, you and your team will select appropriate and indicated testing based on your assessment.

During this phase, we will gather more information about your health with off-site testing at our partner sites.

Our team will facilitate logistics for you to fit your schedule.

The information gathered during this phase will be monitored and integrated by our Medical Director, in collaboration with the integrated team, into your 360° Preventative Health Assessment Report and plan.

The final stage of the 360° Preventative Health Assessment is a reporting and planning session led by our Medical Director. You will be coached through the process so that you retain as much as possible.

Your whole health picture will be reviewed with you. Risks and opportunities will be discussed. You will receive a written 360° Report. Results will not be shared with sponsors.

Follow up can be with us, your own physician(s) or partner specialists.

Feature & Pricing Comparison

Our 360° Preventative Health Assessments are custom built for you after your consultation with one of our medical directors and are custom built for your specific needs and goals.

We have three types of 360° Preventative Health Assessments, ranging from as little as $125 per month* to $250 per month*.  

Our 360° Preventative Health Assessment assess every system, and see your organs as interconnected. We perform metabolic, body composition, cardiac, vascular, biochemical, microbiome, imaging, cognitive and mental health testing on site or within a few blocks of our clinic. All of it is coordinated expertly for your benefit.

Based on your goals and stage of life, we will recommend an approach that is right for you.  We work with a health-care focused financing partner to ensure our assessments are accessible on a regular basis. 


360° START

$ 125 Monthly*
  • The 360° Start​ is perfect for beginning one of our signature programs.


$ 200 Monthly*
  • The 360° Executive offers over $500 in additional data over other clinics for a lower price.


$ 250 Monthly*
  • The 360° Platinum is the most comprehensive, and only integrative, assessment available in Canada.

*Through financing partner.  Payment term is flexible and interest is based on approved credit. 

Add On System Checks

You can add additional focused testing to your Assessment to identify risks and opportunities unique to you.

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